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Trefonen Hillwalk Weekend

25th - 28th May 2018


May 1st to May 28th

We have a 4m x 4m tent (the same dimensions as a ShelterBox tent)

It will have info about the two charities inside it and a design on the outside.

It will be available for you to use ( a small donation to our two charities would be good) ….and if you would like, can be put up and taken down for you.

Why would you want a tent !!??

We want the tent to be an advert for our village event (if it is used outside the village this would work well) but also it would be great if you enjoyed it …and if you could raise some money for our two charities it would be AWESOME.

Your own ideas will be the best but here are some of ours

A sleep over / a cake stall / an art exhibition / story telling / puddings and poker night !! / a craft studio / cluedo by candlelight / a street party……….just let your imagination run wild and go for it !!

From March 19th there will be a calendar available to book the tent.

This is just to get you thinking !!!!!