Trefonen Hillwalk Weekend

24th - 27th May 2019

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Come and join us in Trefonen at SY10 9DY

The plan was simple

*Ride Mountain Bikes from Aberystwyth to Trefonen.

*To make the route as interesting as possible by staying off road.

*Take 12 keen and eager riders with us to raise funds for the

 two Trefonen Hill Walk 2019 charities,  Severn Hospice and Mercy Ships.

The Plan evolved……

*The route would be 80ish “ Country miles “(120kms) through the remoteness of Mid Wales.

*The route would ascend 4000 metres…..the equivalent of half the height of Everest or 4 times up Snowdon.

*D-Day would be 19th May 2019.

*Word was spread to attract the hardy.

We waited

We waited


We worried….was our idea too much ??!!

Now there’s only one way for the two of us to find out……..


*We will ride Mountain Bikes from Aberystwyth to Trefonen.

*We ride the “ Country  miles “ and do the metres of ascent.

*To make it a little harder we’ll ride unsupported.

* Raise money for the Trefonen Hill Walk Charities.

Now here’s the thing….it’s going to be hard, but with your support, WE WILL DO IT.

To help us raise money for this year’s charities, please click here.



Neil and Ed